iOS Switch scanning

So pasco is unique because we have thought about early switch scanners - and seasoned switch scanners from the start of development. The problem for many switch scanning users is they either learn to use a easy approach within a specific app - but usually the user is then stuck within the app; or they have to use the built-in iOS switch scanning which is often inefficient when using it for communication because you have to scan through screen elements and actions that you don't need access to.

In pasco you can either use our built-in scanning methods - or use the ios scanning method. How? Well to use the iOS scanning method we recommend setting up a switch recipe which "hold at point". With one switch - create the recipe by tapping at the point of the right arrow of the navigation menu. Put a timeout on the recipe - and this will allow the user to go back to normal scanning if they don't press anything after a while.

warning This is far from perfect To make this easier Apple really need to allow a long-press to toggle turning a defined recipe on or off. But you can't do that yet. Want it? Please tell them :::

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