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These Docs will help get you up-and-running quickly, guide you through advanced features, and explain the concepts that make pasco so unique.

What is pasco?

pasco is an open-source unique communication solution aimed at individuals who have a physical and visual impairment.

A quick overview

What makes it unique?

Note we definitely aren't trying to make something that already exists. There are many solutions those less visually impaired or with greater physical access can use - and should use! However if you want a purely auditory scanning interface you may want some features that these options struggle to provide as they try and meet the needs of a greater selection of indviduals. So what can we provide in pasco for auditory scanning?

  • Lets imagine you want a auditory cue in one language - but output your main "voice" in another. Thats difficult to do right now in many commercial solutions

  • If you want rapid 'pre' auditory scan - a auditory cue that is like quickly visually scanning the interface in front of you

  • You want a recorded audio file (e.g. someones actual voice) for the main spoken output - and a different recorded audio file for the cue.

  • Because the language file doesnt have pictures why can't you just write out somones list of phrases and messages in a text file?

  • you want a way of scanning in-app in a special way - but be able to use the entire device too - not just in a really slow in-efficient way that is great for all other apps - but not communication.

  • as well as simple text files wouldnt it be great to import and export to different communication apps? After all, your language is yours not a software companies.

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