Developing pasco

pasco is a cordova app. The logic is largely in javascript with some custom work built for iOS.

Getting started with development

To get you up and running this should get you to the point where you can work on the normal web version:

git clone
npm install
bower install
npm run dev

For the iOS version you will need to be on a mac with XCode. Here are the commands to get going with this:

npm run cordova-dist
cd cordova
cordova platform add ios
cordova run

You should find the xcode project in cordova\platforms\ios\pasco.xcodeproj

Having problems at this stage?

npm install --upgrade cordova@latest
npm install --upgrade cordova-ios@latest
npm install --upgrade ios-deploy
npm install cordova-icon 

How is the project structured?

i.e. what goes where.

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