TextAloud is designed as a simple text-to-speech reading app. It was primarily intended as an alternative to the excellent "WordTalk" from CALL Scotland. WordTalk plays out loud your word document - either word by word, sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph and has keyboard shortcuts. For some people who use AAC, it is the preferred way of giving a presentation as it means you can read a paragraph or sentence at a time. It feels more natural.

Ace centre worked with a few users to develop this minimal app for the required features.

What it does do:

What it doesn't do (yet - but planned):

What we aren't rushing to fix

Remember, our focus is "playing" not editing text. So you can't save your edits in a separate file or files. It will save the state of your document between sessions but not if you press delete - or add a new document. You must edit -> Select all -> copy and paste it elsewhere if you want to do this.

We also have no immediate fix to play text in edit mode. We feel other apps are better suited to this

Want to see a feature or help its development? Please consider donating to us. We are a charity - all proceeds will go to its future development

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