AAC Speak Helper is designed to enhance your ability to communicate. It leverages the copy-paste clipboard to offer translation services in various languages. It uses multiple providers' Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology to read aloud the translated text. You can easily configure all these functionalities through our Configure app and maintain numerous settings files for different tasks.

Use Case

Imagine you are a Ukrainian speaker with limited English skills residing in a care facility. AAC Speak Helper bridges you and your caregivers, translating Ukrainian text into English. Moreover, it supports people who need to speak languages less commonly supported by TTS technology.

Overview of the AAC Speak Helper Tool on Loon


AAC Speak Helper is a lightweight Windows executable. It can be called from any AAC app on Windows that can run external programs.

How it Works

AAC Speak Helper reads the text once the text is copied to the clipboard (using Ctrl+C). Depending on the configuration settings, it either translates the text using the selected service, speaks it aloud, or reads it. There are additional features, such as putting intonation (or style) onto some voices. We have a graphical application that can configure the app. The main application, though, has no interface.

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