Switch control mode

Some users may need to control their device with a built in switch scanning option - as well as use morse to type. To do this we have a neat method to enable this where the same device pretends to be a second bluetooth device.

Warning: This wont work unless you've enabled your morAce to write the filesystem. See here for how to do this.

To swap between Morse and Switch mode - Press switch 4. This toggles between the two.

Once you have done this a new BLE device is available known as SW_HID. You should be able to connect to it and then setup switch access. By default the following keys are sent (depending on the button number you are using): Button one mode: Button 1 - Space

Button two mode: Button 1 - Space Button 2 - Enter

Button three mode: Button 1 - Space Button 2 - Enter Button 3 - Backspace

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