Controlling the mouse

Mouse mode

Once a device is connected by default it can send characters. But if you want to control it as a mouse you can enter the mouse mode. This is done with the morse command of .-.-- (configurable in and then the device can send mouse commands

NB: in iOS you need to make sure Settings -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch -> On.

Then to move the mouse use these commands

By default it will only move 5 pixels (default is changeable - see default_mouse_move_step in user/ If you wish the mouse to start moving in one direction and stop when you next send any switch press try using the REPEAT mode

. Repeat Mode

You would send the mouse movement you wish to do - THEN send the repeat command. Eg. Down - Repeat ( -- .) - will repeat moving down and stop on the first press.

You can increase or decrease the speed of movement using some different options:

.-..-- Increase speed

.-..-. Decrease speed

.--.-. Set Speed to 1

.--.-- Set Speed to 5

Mouse buttons are:

  • .-- Right Click

  • .- Left Click

  • ..-- Double Right click

  • ..- Double Left click

Click and hold

-. Left click and hold (enter again to toggle off)

-.. Right click and hold (enter again to toggle this off)

So to drag the mouse you could use this technique. Or you could use the REPEAT MOUSE command (.)

To drag the mouse

-. (Click and hold) - (Up) . (Repeat moving up) . (release moving when ready) -. (Release Click and Hold)

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