You can access the prediction settings under Spelling and Alphabet in your app settings.

Letter Prediction

If letter prediction is enabled then the letters will rearrange after every selection to try and put the most likely next letter towards the top of the list.

Word Prediction

If word prediction is enabled then words will be inserted into your list after a letter selection as a 'guess' at what the next word might be. Select the prediction to chose that word.

You can also set the number of word suggestions that Echo will give you.


You can change the language that will appear in your list. Echo will use the alphabet from that given language and will predict letters and words based on that language. Note, languages marked as (experinmental) have not been verfied as correct so you may find errors. If you would like to verify these languages for us please get in touch.

Alphabet order

This lets you pick the default order of the alphabet that is used. You can choose to have the letters in alphabetical order or you can have them sorted by frequency order.


By default Echo will show and speak a prompt of 'current sentence/word' infront of those selection items. Once you become familiar with Echo you may chose to turn these off so you can hear the text without hearing the prompt.

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